Menutech is built by restaurateurs, for restaurateurs.

Menutech GmbH
Berlin Mitte - Germany

Open letter to gastronomy business owners who want to save precious time

Dear restaurateur,

When we built the 1st prototype of Menutech back in 2016, we did it for ourselves. Let us explain: in our family-run hotel, we offer a 3-course dinner service that changes on a daily basis. It must be bilingual (and sometimes, trilingual) and since the EU FIC law, it must also include the mandatory 14 allergen declarations.

That’s when we built menutech1. We put an immediate end to translating and declaring the allergens for a same dish over and over again. That was 40 minutes of our day saved, that we could spend taking care of our guests. We were so excited about the results, that we decided to share Menutech with everyone.

In 2018, we turned our prototype into a modern, responsive and high-speed web application2. Since then, we’ve enriched our app with Machine Learning capabilities, introduced syntax analysis for live allergen detection3, parameterised design for pixel-perfect results4 and increased our curated translation database5. When our users across Europe came to us and wanted to automate something new, we listened and implemented their wishes - just like we built Menutech to make our own wishes come true.

Everyday, you offer your guests the best service so they can sit back and relax. Now, the tables have turned: let Menutech automate your menu preparation process, so you can sit back and relax (and have a drink with your guests)!

Best wishes from Berlin,
Your Menutech team