Since March 2020 and due to the Coronavirus pandemic, governments world-wide are implementing and periodically updating hygiene and safety recommendations to provide gastronomy services in bars, cafés and restaurants. Read this article to learn about the 21 key measures to implement in your restaurant.

Respect the minimum social distancing in your restaurant, indoors and outdoors

Interpersonal safety distance must be maintained in working spaces, and in both indoors and outdoors dining areas:

  • Monitor seating capacity at all times, respecting the statutory limitations established in your region
  • Decrease amount of tables and chairs to increase the distance between clients
  • Clearly indicate which spaces (at the counter, for instance) and passing areas must be maintained vacant or free
  • Designate and clearly signalise an area to deliver take-away orders
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The UK's economic stimulus plan by Nick Fewings via Unsplash: eating out is safe and supports local gastronomy businesses

Implement a strict hygiene protocol

Communal areas and high-contact surfaces of your restaurant's furniture, machinery and hardware must be frequently and thoroughly sanitised:

  • Place hand sanitiser at accessible points for your customers and personnel to use it regularly
  • Frequently disinfect counters, door knobs and other commonly frequented areas, including those in your toilets
  • Disinfect table surface and, if used, renew table linen after each client
  • Avoid washing tableware by hand. Instead, wash at high temperatures (above 80º)
  • Review and optimise your food offer: avoid food waste by selecting seasonal ingredients with longer shelf life

Reduce the contact points to the bare minimum

Lower risks by removing objects that are commonly used or shared between your customers:

  • Avoid print menus: instead, share your food offer using QR codes, easy to use and always up to date
  • Prioritise card or digital payments
  • Restrict the use of dispensing machines
  • Seal the food exposed on your counters and individualise those served on your buffet areas
  • Remove self-service and decorative elements from the tables

Ensure adequate air ventilation inside your restaurant

Air renewal in indoors spaces has been proven to be an effective way to prevent the virus from spreading:

  • Ventilate indoors dining areas and working spaces several times each day, specially after each service
  • Ensure that air is being extracted and renewed and filters are clean if air conditioning or other mechanical ventilation systems are in place
  • Open doors and windows during daily disinfecting routines
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Tourists and locals enjoying their meal at a restaurant terrace in Rome by Gabriella Clare Marino via Unsplash: outdoors dining areas ensure natural air ventilation

Protect the health of your restaurant staff members

Organisation, training and communication are key to ensure the health and safety of your team members:

  • Clearly communicate the implementation and update of hygiene and safety protocols (for instance, how and how often are hands to be washed)
  • Provide equipment for self-protection such as screens, mouth and nose covers and gloves, and train your personnel on their adequate use
  • Implement cohorts based on natural work teams
  • Stay home in the event of any relevant symptoms, such as coughing, respiratory affection or sneezing



Guidance for food businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19) (British Government)

Covid-19 Reopening guidance: A guide for the Restaurant industry (National Restaurant Association)


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