EU FIC 1169/2011 changes of EU directives and legislation

Laure Klement
EU FIC Allergen regulation

The EU FIC entered into force on 13th December 2011 but its provisions do not have to be complied with until the application dates set for its provisions. Most packed foods requirements applied earliest in 2014. Hotels, restaurants and caterings, however are only concerned with regulation on pre-packed foods. Those allergen labelling requirements apply from 13 December 2016 onwards.

Legislation repealed by the EU FIC 1169/2011 Allergen labelling regulation

Directive 87/250/EEC

on alcoholic strength in the labelling of alcoholic beverages

Directive 90/496/EEC

on nutrition labelling

Directive 1999/10/EC

on food labelling

Directive 2000/13/EC

on food labelling

Directive 2002/67/EC

on foodstuffs containing quinine and caffeine

Directive 2008/5/EC

on food labelling

Commission Regulation 608/2004

concerning the labelling of foods and food ingredients with added phytosterols, phytosterol esters, phytostanols and/or phytostanol esters

Legislation amended by the EU FIC 1169/2011 Allergen labelling regulation:

Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006

harmonises the provisions laid down by law, regulation or administrative action in Member States which relate to nutrition and health claims in order to ensure the effective functioning of the internal market whilst providing a high level of consumer protection.

Regulation (EC) No. 1925/2006

applies without prejudice to specific provisions laid down in Community legislation concerning:

  1. foods for particular nutritional uses
  2. novel foods and novel food ingredients;
  3. genetically modified food;
  4. food additives and flavourings;
  5. authorised oenological practices and processes.

Not mentioned above: specific EU Members' provisions

Member States retain the right to lay down rules in respect of the provision of information concerning non-prepacked foods (e.g. in hotels, restaurants or caterings). Even though the consumer demand for other information is limited, information on the 14 allergens stipulated in the EU FIC 1169/2011 regulation must always be provided in writing to the consumer (regardless of specific EU Members' provisions).



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