Menus for caterers

Menutech for caterers

Automate your menu writing with Menutech’s 5,000+ dishes pre-filled with translations and allergen information, and compliant with the EU FIC 1169/2011 regulation.

  • Check your dish selection anytime
  • Auto-retrieved data from previously written food menus
  • Create a master menu
Frequency of dishes in menus

Check your dish selection anytime

Keep track of how often certain types of food appear on your menu (e.g. fish or meat) in a given time frame. You are automatically shown the last time a dish was used.

Data storage

Auto-retrieved data from previously written food menus

All menus you write are automatically saved in a private database, so you can retrieve the information you need in just a few clicks. All allergen labels and translations are also saved by the app.

Master menu

Create a master menu

Write your master menu including allocation rules and options. The layout adapts to every location and gastronomy outlet.

Menu cycle planning Menutech

Automise your menu cycle planning

Write a master menu and export it in multiple styles or languages, in just one click.

Menutech subscriptions

Menutech offers utmost flexibility for your event planning

Designing a menu for ceremonies or events is no easy task. Menutech offers you utmost flexibility for your event planning. Use special menu templates for multiple locations. You will only have to update the content of your menu - the layout is done automatically. It is also possible to label allergens for every dish. Your guests are always informed about what is contained in their food.

Automate your menu cycle planning on Menutech

Enjoy our variety of menu templates and automate your menu cycle planning processes. Our subscriptions allow you to create an unlimited number of menus. Start today and simplify your menu preparation processes!

1 menu / day
Ideal for one service per day
2 menus / day
Ideal for 2 services / day
Unlimited menus and templates
Ideal for multiple outlets at the same location

Write the 1st menu for your catering online:

Create your account online (2 min)
Write your menu (5 min)
Check the automated allergens and translations (2 min)
Download and print your menu (1 sec)

Menutech programme for enterprise

Menu writing has never been easier

Enjoy our tailor-made offers to make the best out of Menutech's automation. Contact us to discuss your establishment's needs and requirements.

  • We set up a 30-day trial account for your business that you can start using right away
  • We import samples of your existing database
  • You can immediately enjoy automated allergen labelling and translations in 4 languages.

Start your enterprise programme today

Aside from Menutech's basic features, our enterprise programme offers you various possibilities to optimise your operational processes. Do you need a digital menu for a buffet? We will design your menus according to your wishes and needs and work together to digitise your business.


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Menutech for caterers
Menutech for caterers

This caterer quickly prepares weekly menus thanks to Menutech's automated design and additives labelling.

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"I can recommend Menutech's flexibility: last minute changes are immediately saved across all my menus and dishes. I can quickly re-export and print menus right before the event begins."