Automated menu planning for Caterers

Menutech is designed to put an end to manually preparing food menus for caterers and canteen operators. Our online software is the ideal solution for businesses regularly serving multiple clients and locations.

Automated menu planning for Caterers
Personalised client menu designs

Personalised client menu designs

Our flexible solution lets you personalise your menu designs: set up your own rules and let Menutech automatically export client menus for you.

Allocation rules

Flexible and custom integrations

Your data can be easily and safely synchronised with your existing systems thanks to Menutech's API. Our programming team will help you with the design, planning and implementations of improvements specifically thought for your enterprise.

Menus for special dietary requirements

Menus for special dietary requirements

You can independently create and manage diets, dietary breakdowns and automated restrictions: menu options are then automatically filtered based on your clients' dietary restrictions.

Automatically generate food menus based on personalised meal planning rules.

The fastest way to prepare menus for your catering

Automated client menu design and export

  • Plan your weekly meal offering with Menutech’s easy-to-use online software including automated allergen declaration.
  • Set up meal allocation rules from your master menu to client menus (e.g. “Client A receives Starter options 1 and 2 on Mondays”).
  • Use your own menu designs. Menutech automatically layouts the final result in print-ready PDF, ready for print and digital publishing. Each menu is individualised for each location, client and customer contract.

Centrally managed food & beverage information

  • Quickly add and edit dishes, beverages and wines to your personal database. All changes are synchronised across all menus and displays in real time.
  • Enjoy access to our public database of 16,000+ dish translations and 5,000+ dishes with declared allergens.
  • Synchronise your menus on websites, intranets, online portals and social media pages. Define automatic send-off rules and keep all digital displays always up to date.

Recipe management, cost optimisation and Free-from menu generation

  • Generate free-from menus and insure a meal planning in line with your client’s specific dietary needs.
  • Manage ingredients and recipes for your dishes and generate recipe books in a single click. All your food information is centrally available for your clients and staff.
  • Optimise the costs of your recipes, reach target nutritional values and analyse the diversity of your meal offering to maximise customer satisfaction and profitability.

This caterer prepares weekly menus with allergens and additives declarations

28 min.

to prepare menus every week.


different types of menu prepared on Menutech

9 months

of previous menus were imported on their Menutech account.

"I can recommend Menutech's flexibility: last minute changes are immediately saved across all my menus and dishes. I can quickly re-export and print menus right before the event begins."
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Ready for Menutech's advanced modules for Caterers?

Automatically update daily, weekly or monthly menus

without having to reload PDF files or re-enter URL links. (For example, every Sunday at 17:00, the next Monday's menu is displayed).

Multisite support to invite your employees

Grant special access rights to edit, download and print your company's menus at any time.

Integrate Menutech to your digital suite

Menutech is the ideal menu planning solution to integrate to your food procurement software. We offer both live and on-demand customer integrations. Indeed, PDF, HTML, JSON, XML or custom protocols are offered thanks to our universal integration concept.

The fastest way to share your menus

Generate client menus at the click of a button. The menus are automatically sent off, published online on websites and digital displays.

Generate print-shop ready files

Menutech is the best alternative to expensive software products or professional designers. You can send your files to a printshop or print them directly yourself.

Let your guests access your menus via a QR code

Menutech's menus go beyond paper: all menus have both a printed AND a smartphone-friendly format. Simply print the QR code directly from your Menutech account and let your guests discover your menus on their own smartphones.

A study by Menutech of 10,000 menus written in 15 countries on the preparation time on food and beverage menus:

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu with Menutech 

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu before Menutech 


5 minutes

instead of 45 minutes



15 minutes

instead of 1 hour



30 minutes

instead of 1 hour



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



1 hour

instead of 3 hours

Here's what you can do with the Menutech software:
Ready for advanced modules? Connect Food & Beverage information to your menus:
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