Menus for clinics and hospitals

Menutech for Clinics & Hospitals

Write your menu online in just a few minutes. Create an unlimited number of copies - all menus include allergen and additive labels.

  • Label allergens for every dish
  • Organise your menus per clinic / hospital, or per patient room
  • Keep track of previously written food menus
Allergen labelling

Allergen labelling for all dishes

Thanks to clearly understandable icons, your patients can always check what additives and allergens are contained in their food.

Keep track of menus

Keep an overview on your previously written menus

Create your personal database and save time writing your menu by copying previously written dishes in just one click. Our storage function allows you to keep track of previously written dishes at anytime. You can keep PDF files for each menu you wrote.

Meal allocation rules

Organise your menus for different clinics, hospitals or patient rooms

Create menus that meet your patients' needs. All you need to do is choose the menu design that best fits to different locations.

Menutech Menu automation

Automise your menu preparation processes

Link all your dish and menu data to multiple locations thanks to Menutech's automation.

Menutech subscriptions

Write your master menu and choose the design that best suits your gastronomy outlets

The creation of menus can be long and complicated, especially for weekly plans that need to be shown in multiple locations. With Menutech's menus, this can be easily done!

Write your master menu online and enjoy automated allergen labelling, design, and translation

Our layouts adapt to your menu contents, independently of the location - whether these are the elevator or the patient's room. All dishes can be labelled with allergens and additives, so you can make sure that patients with food intolerances are always informed on allergens and additives. Our menus can be automatically translated in four languages.

If you have any further needs regarding the languages to be translated, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help.

1 menu / day
Ideal for one service per day
2 menus / day
Ideal for 2 services / day
Unlimited menus and templates
Ideal for multiple outlets at the same location

Write the 1st menu online for your clinic or hospital:

Create a trial account (2min)
Write your menu (5min)
Check nutrition information and print your menu (5min)
All information is saved for next use (1sec)

Menutech enterprise programme

Organise your nutritional information and your menus on Menutech

We have the perfect solution for your clinic or hospital! Get in touch with our team of experts to find the right solution for your establishment.

  • We create an account for your clinic or hospital, so you can immediately start writing your menus
  • Menus can be automatically translated in German, French, Italian and Spanish
  • All dishes are automatically labelled with allergens - the health of your patients is in first place!

You can also start our corporate programme, which offers further possibilities to extend Menutech's basic features. For example, if you need digital menus or a calorie calculator, we can install these extensions according to your wishes. Our experts will find the best solution for you!

Work with us and make sure the nutritional information on your menus is always up to date for your patients.

menutech Enterprise Request

Menutech for hospitals and clinics
Menutech for hospitals and clinics

This group of private hospitals automates the creation of 600 trilingual menus, every week.

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"The main challenge of the digitalisation project was the diversity of food menu scenarios. The Menutech team developed an advanced inheritance algorithm to face this challenge."