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Sick of manually updating your menus?

Menutech is the fastest way to create food and beverage menus: you'll never have to type the same information twice!

Automatically declare the allergens contained in your food

With Menutech, no need to manage recipes: allergens are automatically detected and added to your menu.

Automatically translate your food and drink menus

Enjoy 16,000+ automated translations on Menutech, in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Automised layouting and design

Create personalised menus from our 30+ pre-designed templates.

Write your menus online in no time

All your dish information is saved and will be automatically added for next use.

Automise your menu preparation processes

Link all your dish and menu data to multiple locations thanks to Menutech's automation.

Automise your menu cycle planning

Write a master menu and export it in multiple styles or languages, in just one click.

Declare the origin of meat, fish and milk products

Save the country of origin of your meals on your private database: the information will be added for next use.

Label additives on your menu

Save time with Menutech's 500+ beverages already labelled with additives.

More menutech features our users love

Our features built for gastronomers by gastronomers.

check Automated allergen detection
check Allergen icons are automatically added to your menu
check 1-click export allergen table
check Database of 5,000+ pre-labelled dishes
check 16,000+ translation database
check Archive function for previously written menus
check Automated translations
check High quality translations from curated sources
check Unlimited changes
check Automated layout
check Meal diversity verification table
check Machine learning
check Multi-user account
check No need to manage recipes
check Private database
check Frequency of dishes in menus
check Personalised design components
check Sync your menu with your website
check Display multiple languages on a single menu
check Add and manage price variants
check 100+ beverage database
check Quickly edits
check Personal dish database
check Retrieve info from previously written menus
check Live Assistant as source of inspiration
check Special labels

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