Automatically declare the allergens contained in your food

Menutech features

Since December 2016, all gastronomy businesses (including restaurants, hotels, caterers, nursing homes, cafes, etc.) must declare 14 allergens in their menus. With Menutech, no need to manage recipes to declare allergens. It is the most efficient solution to make your menu legally compliant and to take care of your guests' health.

All 14 allergens (EU FIC 1169/2011) supported on Menutech:

A Cereals containing gluten

B Crustaceans

C Egg

D Fish

E Peanuts

H Soy

G Milk and Lactose

F Nuts

L Celery

M Mustard

N Sesame seeds

O Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

P Lupin

R Molluscs

We offer further nutritional labels: vegetarian, vegan, seasonal, low in calories, lactose-free, gluten-free, halal, kosher, chef's recommendation, local dish, contains alcohol, GMO-free, organic, spicy, contains pork.

Menutech technology

Automated detection of allergens powered by machine learning

Allergens based on the standard recipe of a dish are automatically detected. Machine learning algorithms and syntax analysis greatly enhance the effectiveness of matching dishes with sets of allergens, making menu writing a breeze and removing the need to individually manage recipes for each dish.

Write your first menu online:

Write your menu (7min)
The allergens are automatically detected (1sec)
Allergen icons are automatically added on your menu (1sec)
...and/or generate your allergen table in 1 click (1sec)
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Menutech service

Let our team do the allergen declaration on your food menu for you

Our competent team of experts will go through your menu and label all requested allergens following the EU FIC 1169/2011 regulation. We will of course take care of all translations of allergen names in multilingual menus. You will get a print-ready file that allows you to keep your menu always be up to date.

  • You can have unlimited access to the Menutech allergens database and use the information to create your menus.
  • The app remembers the allergens labelled for each dish and autocompletes the information once you write a new menu.
  • On Menutech you can either include beautiful allergen icons directly on your menu or export the allergen table at the end of your menu with just 1 click.

If you have special requirements or if you would like to have personalised allergen icons of your choice, get in touch with our team of experts and send us your current menu. We will get back to you with a detailed offer and time estimate.

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