Dietary Management Software For Healthcare Professionals

Are you serving food to patients or residents? Menutech empowers healthcare professionals with ✨AI-driven nutritional calculations and dietary intake tracking, so you can spend more time with them.

Streamlined Dietary Management for Healthcare

Effortlessly manage dietary needs for patients or residents with Menutech's AI-powered dietary management solution.

Create or Import Standard Menus
Create or Import Standard Menus
Specify Dietary Adaptations
Specify Dietary Adaptations
Generate Dietary Recipes
Generate Dietary Recipes
Publish Diet Menus
Publish Diet Menus
Filtered Menu Options for Dietary Profiles
Filtered Menu Options for Dietary Profiles
Automate Allergy-Friendly Menus for Each Consumer

Dietary requirements may be specified immediately on your menu: our software generates the allergy icons and dynamic legend for you. Menutech automates and updates the allergy table from your menu when you choose to declare allergies on a separate document.

Personalised Menus For Every Consumer’s Dietary Requirements

Menutech allows for successful nutrition management by checking your food and beverage menu for any meals or meal categories that are repeated. By providing your patients with a nutritionally-rich, well-balanced meal plan, you are increasing their chances of a successful treatment and boosting their overall health.

Manage your patients' food preferences in one place and categorise them according to your choices, such as vulnerable patient, nutritionally healthy, special or personal dietary demands, prenatal patient, child, and requirement for a therapeutic diet.

Let’s Generate Your Dietary Management Menu

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Freely manage diets such as:

Regular diets

used to achieve the highest level of nutrition in patients who do not have special needs related to illness or injury. 

Short-term diets

a diet that includes foods that are easier to swallow and digest than solid foods. 

Transitional diets

for patients who are not ready for foods of normal consistency following surgery or treatments. 

Restricted or Special diets

a variety of special diets that limit calories, fat, salt, and other substances based on the patient's medical needs.

Therapeutic hospital diets

a meal plan that controls the intake of certain foods or nutrients. For example a gluten-free diet, low-FOMAP diet, diabetic diet, renal diet, heart-healthy diet, etc.

You can independently create and manage diets, dietary breakdowns and automated restrictions (based on recipe ingredients or allergens, for example). Menutech provides you with the maximum flexibility to prepare menus that are personalised to your consumers' dietary needs whilst saving time for your kitchen teams.

Enrich Patient Experience & Minimise The Risk Of Malnutrition Through Automation

Save time thanks to powerful dietary breakdown shortcuts

Manage recipes and menus and automatically calculate nutrition, calories and dietary requirements and allergens for each dish. Calculate the greatest and lowest energy content of food options for midday and evening meals for a random sample of days within the menu cycle. You can also see if your offering follows a five-a-day diet and if each meal includes at least two bread, cereal, or carbohydrate products.

Set up custom dietary restriction rules

If you're serving nutritionally sensitive patients or residents, go a step further with your dietary management and create sub-menus tailored to specific food allergies and intolerances. Unsuitable food and beverage alternatives will be stored away, allowing your clients to choose their chosen meal safely and easily.

Operating multiple sites? Each site manages their own database

Let Menutech dynamically generate menus for each facility, based on previously defined rules.

Share dietary breakdowns amongst your sites to share knowledge and save time

Create meal allocation criteria to build resident menus (for example, "Resident A only receives gluten-free alternatives" or "Resident B only receives meal options under 200 kcal").

Clearly highlight dietary restrictions on order tickets and summaries for the kitchen

Notify your kitchen crew in real-time via their Menutech access if there are any last-minute modifications due to dietary restrictions.

Set up a calendar of diets for patients and residents

Review orders based on user-defined inputs, e.g. orders on a particular day or series of days for menu planning purposes. Customise the app set up for each patient, helping them to achieve their daily dietary requirements or specific health goals by a certain day each month, more effectively.

A study by Menutech of 10,000 menus written in 15 countries on the preparation time on food and beverage menus:

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu with Menutech 

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu before Menutech 


5 minutes

instead of 45 minutes



15 minutes

instead of 1 hour



30 minutes

instead of 1 hour



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



1 hour

instead of 3 hours

Here's what you can do with the Menutech software:
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