Integrate Digital Food & Beverage Menus

Digital menus are worth a thousand bites. With digital menus you are able to show realistic expectations of what your restaurant offers in terms of food and drinks. Save precious time by integrating your favourite tools, keeping your inventory synced, and automating your entire food and beverage brand from one place.

Never Send An Email Again

An automated restaurant ordering system allows you to provide instant responses to customer enquiries for specific situations, saving your business precious time. It also means consumers can access menus via a unique URL or QR code. No email or SMS is required. This way you effectively build closer relationships between your business and your target market, which is a very important process of building a loyal customer base.

Synchronise Your Menu On Your Website & On Social Media

When you post a menu online, it is available to your guests at all hours of the day and night. Uploads and re-uploads are no longer necessary because price and allergy declarations are synchronised and updated in real-time across all of your channels. With all data, tools, and channels connected, businesses within the food and beverage industry can finally scale their business on autopilot.

Integrate your F&B Menu

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Freely configure integration links on any intervals:




Specific days of the week

Latest menu only

Do you offer special discounts on a weekly basis? If you have an offer every Tuesday (for example), you can easily integrate weekly links within your menu creation, showing your discounts for that day only. You can freely and effortlessly customise your digital menu for certain locations and sites.

Your Food & Beverage Industry Business 100% Automated

Bundle up your menus over the week or month

Keep an in-depth record of any past daily or weekly specials you've written. All of the food and beverages can be saved for later use.

Synchronise your menus for Google My Business

Menutech's API allows you to simply and safely synchronise your menus with your current systems. Menutech will map your data to ensure that it interacts well with your Google My Business account and existing IT systems.

Synchronise your menus for order-taking

Changes in price or new seasonal alternatives are reflected in real-time across all of your digital menus.  You may make changes to your menu as often as you like, and your clients will always see the most recent version.

Create a mobile landing page for your menus in one click

Menutech also allows you to distribute your menus in a mobile-friendly manner in just one click. After reading your menu on their smartphone, your customers can filter it depending on their preferences.

Powerful menu editor for both print and mobile menus

While adhering to your brand guidelines, our user-friendly solution is suitable for both digital and printed processes.
Customize the colours, fonts, and margins while you're on the go: the information will fall into place on its own, and you'll be able to share your food menu for both print and mobile with your visitors right away. 

Any change to your menus is synchronised in real-time

When you add a meal to your food menu, the program saves the details and adds them automatically the next time you use it: allergies, nutritional values, pricing, and descriptions - no more copying and pasting!

A study by Menutech of 10,000 menus written in 15 countries on the preparation time on food and beverage menus:

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu with Menutech 

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu before Menutech 


5 minutes

instead of 45 minutes



15 minutes

instead of 1 hour



30 minutes

instead of 1 hour



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



1 hour

instead of 3 hours

Here's what you can do with the Menutech software:
Ready for advanced modules? Connect Food & Beverage information to your menus:
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