Automise your menu preparation processes

Menutech Menu automation

No need to use Word or Excel Sheets anymore! Use Menutech to export menus to all locations in one click.

  • Remotely create a single menu & set meal allocation rules for multiple locations.
  • Synchronise your food & beverage information to your existing systems (eg order taking, guest directories and purchasing). 
  • Enjoy an easy access & centralised control for national and international locations.
Menu automation supported by Menutech:

Automated allergen labelling (UE FIC 1169/2011)

Automated declaration of origin for meat, fish and milk

Automated translation

Automated layout of menu contents

Automated menu export for multiple days

Automated menu export for multiple locations

Not what you were looking for? Contact our team for custom feature requests.

Menutech technology

Automate the creation of menus from a menu plan through menu engineering

Menus for different locations, departments and clients can be dynamically generated from a single menu plan, each using custom designs, logos, texts and menu elements. Using a sequential algorithm, menus can dynamically inherit a subset of available dishes. Dishes that are always on offer can be dynamically inserted, complex rules allow to dynamically replace elements for certain menus. All these are based on configurable rules, that can be easily managed by the account holder.

Write your first menu online:

Write your menu (7 min)
Allergens are automatically detected (1s)
Translations are automatically added (1s)
Export your menu in different styles (1s)
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Menutech service

Expand your business with the power of automation

Our experienced team will set up the meal allocation algorithm for you. This includes importing your food menu designs structures and updating them according to your needs. In just one click, all food menus are generated and exported into a folder structure of your choice.

  • No more excel: enjoy modern automation technology, for quick and powerful results.
  • Redesign your food menus with total creative freedom.
  • Menutech's advanced inheritance algorithm can handle the most complex menu automation processes.

Contact our team to set up an introductory call and gather the requirements of your food menu allocation system. Your dedicated Menutech account manager will provide you with responsive and professional service. Get in touch with us today to start the digitisation of your food information operations with Menutech.

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