Cloud-based order-taking software

Impress your patients or residents with a professionally designed order-taking solution. Taking orders from computers, tablets or phones has never been easier.

Order taking on Menutech
Order taking on Menutech
Fully customisable Order Management

Our intuitive solution is suited for both digital and printed processes whilst following your brand guidelines. Let your staff, clients, patients or residents place orders by scanning RFID tags, scanning QR codes, logging in with their email address. 

Order taking on Menutech
Order taking on Menutech
One flow of information, from your patients or residents to your kitchen team

Bring teamwork to another level by inviting patients or residents, dieticians, restaurant and kitchen staff on your Menutech account. When orders are placed, quantity summaries are immediately available in just 1 click.

Order taking on Menutech
Let's start taking food orders

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Menutech supports all types of order-taking systems

Centralised order-taking

Take orders in bulk for multiple sites, departments or floors

Staff order placement

Invite staff to place orders for themselves on their own smartphone

Independent order placement

Let patients or residents take orders by themselves on their own smartphone

RFID order placement

Let patients or residents take orders by themselves with their own room cards

Assisted order-taking

Nurses and dieticians take orders in-room for patients or residents on their tablet or smartphone

QR code order-taking

Place a QR code in rooms for patients or residents to take orders on their smartphone

API-based order-taking

Integrate Menutech's order-taking system to your existing digital suite

Pick 1 or mix more. With Menutech, you can mix different order-taking systems for the departments of your choice. You can also run a paper-based order-taking alongside a digitised solution.

Take orders with the help of automation

Generate orders based on diets

With Menutech, you can generate sub-menus based on dietary preferences. Take one step further by automatically generating the orders of patients and residents following a restrictive diet.

Save order repetitions per patient or resident

Your guest has a favourite dessert? Save it for the next time it's served by your kitchen team. It will be pre-selected, no matter which staff is placing the order.

Save patients' and residents' feedback to guarantee optimal service

There is an ingredient that one of your guests doesn't like at all? Save this information so that any of your rotating staff is informed when taking orders for this guest.

Kitchen team alerted of any last minute changes

Set up strict deadlines to place orders. In case of any last minute changes, your kitchen team is alerted in real time on their Menutech access.

Download order quantity summaries

Put an end to manually counting order tickets. Download the order quantity report in just one click before service. The detail of special options is listed below the main component (for example: 5 salads: 2 regular, 1 without salt and 2 without vinegar).

Export custom printed or digital reports

Print order tickets for food trays, download a summary of orders per patient/resident and per service for dieticians, send staff orders as an excel file to your accounting team, and many more. Menutech is the safest way to take and distribute orders.

Entirely customisable menus and reports

All menus, display formats and reports are entirely customisable to your needs, guaranteeing an effective communication between your patients or residents and your team.

Menu-based or Component-based ordering

Set menu-based or component-based ordering for extra patient satisfaction. Whether patients order food by themselves on their smartphone / tablets, or nurses take food orders on their behalf, the options displayed are based on the patient's profile, preferences and insurance. 

A study by Menutech of 10,000 menus written in 15 countries on the preparation time on food and beverage menus:

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu with Menutech 

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu before Menutech 


5 minutes

instead of 45 minutes



15 minutes

instead of 1 hour



30 minutes

instead of 1 hour



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



1 hour

instead of 3 hours


Here's what you can do with the Menutech software:
Ready for advanced modules? Connect Food & Beverage information to your menus:
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