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Do you have international guests? Do you need multilingual menus? With Menutech you can easily write and translate your menu in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. It's easy and fast! If you have specific needs on language translations you can contact our team of experts and we will find the perfect solution.

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Not what you were looking for? Contact our team for language requests.

Menutech technology

High-quality human translations through curation and verified sourcing

All our dishes and beverages are human translated and curated, meaning translations will be automatically proposed based on defined similarity levels. For new items, you are recommended translations of similar dishes to easily mix-and-match high quality translations.

Write your first multilingual menu online:

Write your menu in your preferred language (5 min)
Automate the translation of your menu (1 sec)
Enjoy live translation recommendations (2 min)
Print your menu and impress your guests! (2 min)
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Menutech service

Avoid mistakes with professional menu translations

If you need multilingual menus, Menutech is the right address. Create multilingual menus online. Just send us your current menus and we will translate them for you in German, French, Italian and Spanish. If you need another language don't be afraid to ask. Of course all additives and allergens will be translated as well.

  • Our team is international and has experience in food translation
  • You can find all your data in your Menutech account. Changes can be made every time
  • Keep control with unlimited download and print

How to get started? Just send us your current menu and tell us in which language we should translate it to. Our team will send you an offer as soon as possible. You can find your translated menu in your Menutech account so you just need to print it.

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