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Menutech is an online menu maker. Start saving precious time preparing your food menus online. Allergen labelling, design, translations... with Menutech, you will never have to type the same information twice!

Features powered by automation on Menutech:

Automated allergen labelling (EU FIC 1169/2011)

Automated translations

Automated declaration of origin of meat, fish and milk

Automated layout of contents

Automated menu export for multiple days

Automated menu export for multiple locations

Not what you were looking for? Contact our team for custom feature requests.

Menutech technology

Write your food menus online on your computer, tablet or mobile phone

Our single-page application means that working online feels just like working directly on your computer and better: no loading times, everything auto-saves and your data is securely in the cloud. Following the material design philosophy, the application is easy-to-use and intuitive for all users.

Write your first menu online:

Create a Menutech account (2 min)
Choose a menu template (1 min)
Write and organise your dishes​ (7 min)
Download and print your menu​​​ (1 min)
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Don't start from scratch: request our food menu import service

Whether you need to import your existing menu or need a new food menu design, the Menutech team is here for you. Along importing all previously written menus, we offer additional services to enrich your database - such as menu design, translation and allergen labelling.

  • Our team of print designers will create your menu according to your desires.
  • If your kitchen changes, you can independently change any information we imported for you, anytime.
  • Our menu service includes unlimited download and print.

Let's get started! Send us your existing food menu and tell us what service would you like: quick import, redesign, translation or allergen labelling. We will get back to you with a detailed offer and time estimate.