Menus for golf courses

Menutech for Golf Courses

Modernise your menu design with Menutech's templates! We offer you the right template for every occasion. Try now and write your menus in just a few minutes.

  • Prepare beautifully designed menus
  • Keep control of your dishes
  • Write your menus online
Keep control of your dishes

Keep control of your dishes

Add images, change prices and descriptions anytime you want.

Beautiful design

Prepare beautifully designed menus

From aperitifs to Sunday brunches, Menutech offers you fitting designs for menus.

Sync your menu with your website

Sync your menu with your website

Make sure your guests can check your menu anytime - even from the golf course.

Scrivere online

Write your menus online in no time

All your dish information is saved and will be automatically added for next use.

Menutech subscriptions

Create menus for your golf club on Menutech

Whether you need full menus or a series of smaller menus, Menutech offers you templates that meet your needs - from fixed food menus to seasonal menus.

Synchronise your menus with your website, so that your guests can always be informed on your daily offer directly from the golf course.

Do you have international members?

No problem. Menutech's menus can be automatically translated in four languages.

1 template, 1 menu
incl. 10 days free trial
3 templates, 10 menus / month
incl. 10 days free trial

Write the 1st menu for your golf course online:

Create a trial account (2 min)
Write your menu (5 min)
Check automated translations and allergens (2 min)
Download and print your menu (1 sec)

Menutech's one-off payment solutions

Save time writing menus for your golf club on Menutech

Choose on of our pre-built templates and start writing your menus online. You can try the app 10 days for free! When you sign up, you can write your menu, download it and print it anytime you need.

  • Your database is secure and private - should you not need out service anymore, you can export all your data anytime.
  • Menutech's menus can be easily sychronised with your website.

If you are interested in our menu-preparation services, don't hesitate to contact us.

Would you like to import your existing menu design?

Send us your current menu and we'll get back to you with a detailed offer. We also take care of allergen and additive labelling, as well as translations.

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