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Menutech for Hotels

Save more than 30 minutes a day with Menutech. With our rich database and autocomplete feature, you can write menus in a record-breaking time of 4 minutes!

  • You will never have to enter the same information twice
  • Keep track of previously written food menus
  • Light speed translations, thanks to automation
Automated layout

Layout is done automatically

No drag and drop: the content is automatically put in place by Menutech.

Quick translation

Light speed translations, thanks to automation.

On Menutech you will never need to repeat the work twice. If you write your own translation for a certain dish, your data will not be lost.

Auto-completed info

Allergen information will be autocompleted

If you write the same dish again, the app automatically completes all information about allergens.


Automatically translate your food and drink menus

Enjoy 16,000+ automated translations on Menutech, in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Menutech subscriptions

Save time and write menus in no time on Menutech

Your menu preparation takes too long? Save time with Menutech's pre-built templates. It takes only a few minutes to create menus that suit your needs, so you can spend more time with your guests.

Whether you need à la carte menus, daily menus or wine lists, our design solutions adapt to your needs. You can label allergens and additives in just a few clicks. Create multilingual menus and enjoy our automated translations in four languages. All menus you write are automatically saved in your Menutech account.

Our subscription plans offer you the right solution for your hotel. As soon as you type a new dish, the app suggests you other similar dishes that you can copy - paste in your menu in just one click.


1 menu / day
Ideal for one service per day
2 menus / day
Ideal for 2 services / day
Unlimited menus and templates
Ideal for multiple outlets at the same location

Write the 1st menu for your hotel online:

Create an account(2 min)
Write your menu and enjoy automation(5 min)
Download and print your menu(1 min)

Menutech's one-off payment solutions

Let us design a new menu for your hotel!

Your menu preparation takes you too long? We are glad to help you. Send us your current menu, start a subscription and we will import your existing menu onto your Menutech account for free. You can also choose to add your logo to your menu design.

  • Start building your personal database of dishes
  • The app saves all your data and retrieves it automatically on next uses.

Every time you add a new dish, the app suggests you translations and allergens from similar dishes based on advanced syntax analysis algorithms.

Would you like to have a new design for your menu? We'll be glad to design the perfect menu for your hotel. Send us your current menu and we will create a template based on your wishes - we also take care of all allergen labelling and translations.

We guarantee that your data will always be processed in a lawful and correct manner. Should you cancel your subscription, all your data will be kept for 7 days - just in case you change your mind. Should you not need your Menutech account anymore, you can export all your existing data. On Menutech, restaurants write their menus with allergens and translations in less than 4 minutes.

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Menutech for Hotels
Menutech for hotels

This hotel prepares trilingual menus every day (with allergens), in just 8 minutes.

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"Staff members have access to menus, dishes and translations - they can make last minute changes by themselves, even if the trilingual head of reception is out of office."