Menus for Kindergartens & Schools

Menutech for Kindergardens and Schools

Manage all your menus online with the menutech app. You can label allergens and additives for each dish, so that parents can always be informed on what their children are eating.

  • Automatic allergen detection
  • Keep track of previously written menus
  • Preview your menus in 20+ designs
Allergen detection

Automatic allergen detection for 5,000+ dishes

Menutech relieves the stress from allergen labelling. You gain access to our 5,000+ database of dishes with pre-labelled allergens.

Keep track of menus

Keep an overview on your previously written menus

Create your personal database and save time writing your menu by copying previously written dishes in just one click. Our storage function allows you to keep track of previously written dishes at anytime. You can keep PDF files for each menu you wrote.

Preview your menu in 15+ pre-built designs

Write your food menu and preview it in 15+ pre-built designs

All menutech templates are professionally designed. They are developed to automatically adapt to your food menu's content.

menutech features

Automatically declare the allergens contained in your food

With menutech, no need to manage recipes: allergens are automatically detected and added to your menu.

menutech subscriptions

Write menus for kindergartens and schools on menutech

Your menu preparation processes take too long? Now you can write your menus in just a few minutes and spend more time with children. Export your menu in one of our child-friendly designs. All dishes can be labelled with allergens and additives.

You manage an international school or kindergarten?

With menutech it is possible to translate all your dishes in German, French and Italian. All your dish information is automatically saved in our database and retrieved on next uses. If you use a same dish again, you can copy - paste it in just one click and all dish information will pop up automatically - you will never have to write the same information twice.

1 menu / day
Ideal for one service per day
2 menus / day
Ideal for 2 services / day
Unlimited menus and templates
Ideal for multiple outlets at the same location

Write the 1st menu online for your school or kindergarten:

Create a test account (2min)
Write your menu (7min)
Check allergens and print your menu (3min)
Both students and parents are satisfied! (1sec)

menutech one-off payment solutions

Create child-friendly menus on menutech!

Now you can create menus for your kindergarten or school online. Regardless of the number of menus you need, menutech offers you professional designs that adapt to your requirements. Write your menu on menutech and import it in one of our pre-built templates.

If you have specific requests for your menu design, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will help you find a fitting solution for your establishment. You can also upload your menu on your website, or send it directly to the parents, so that they can always check what their children are eating. All dishes include clearly understandable allergen and additive icons - menutech menus meet every child's needs.

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