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Write and keep editing your food menus on Menutech, or write your daily menus in the blink of an eye. You can modify and re-order dishes as often as you need, directly on your account. The pre-built templates automatically adapt themselves to your food menu's content.

    Your weekly or monthly menu planning can now be centrally managed through Menutech! Generate any number of daily menus, information sheets, or allergen tables with just one click.

      Our menus let you organise beverages according to your needs: add prices, price variants and descriptions on the fly. Write your beverage menus on Menutech and enjoy automated additive labelling with our 100+ beverages' database.

      Impress your guests and write wine lists with beautiful designs on your Menutech account. Add information about your wines (e.g. origin, vintage, descriptions, price information) or create lists with wine suggestions.

        Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas... on Menutech you can write menus for every occasion. Write your menu online and choose your favourite template for your special event. Your guests will be impressed.

          If you like to impress your guests with new dishes every day, we have the perfect solution for your establishment. Quickly write your daily specials on Menutech - allergen labels and translations are automatically displayed on your menu. Your guests will appreciate your efficiency.

          Menutech technology

          Automated detection of allergens powered by machine learning

          Allergens based on the standard recipe of a dish are automatically detected. Machine learning algorithms and syntax analysis greatly enhance the effectiveness of matching dishes with sets of allergens, making menu writing a breeze and removing the need to individually manage recipes for each dish.