Preparing beverage lists

Do you need a new beverage list? Menutech lets you write, design, translate and print your beverage menu in just a few clicks. 

  • Add beverages and drag-and-drop them into sections
  • Swipe through our templates styles for your beverage list
  • Print and share the final result online

Enjoy even more automation by adding labels, declaring allergens and translating your beverage list. Impress your guests injust a few clicks!

The fastest way to prepare menus

Your dishes and beverages are saved for next use and all last minute changes are synchronised in real time (allergens, prices, translations and more).

Print or digital publishing

Menutech is an easy-to-use tool for creating stunning menus. Add beverages and dishes, and let Menutech prepare your menu for immediate printing or online sharing.

Customisable menu templates

Add your own design or choose from our 30+ templates. Customise colours, paper dimensions and graphics on the fly.

Menutech pre-built templates

Start writing your beverage menus with Menutech's pre-built templates

With menutech's ready-made templates, you can create beautiful beverage menus that are compliant with EU regulations. You can change your beverage information anytime and print your menu as often as you need. Our templates allow you to add a variety of graphic elements: your logo, images, front- and back-covers. Once your menu is ready, you can easily download a print-ready PDF in just one click.

Choose one of our templates and start writing your beverage menu today!

Manage your beverage menu and organise it in sections. Then download and print your menus at anytime of the day. Sign up now for Menutech's 10-days free trial account and start writing your beverage menus online. Should you no longer need our service, you are free to cancel your account anytime.

Menutech solutions for beverage lists

Menutech free trial: 10 menus in 10 days

Register today and start writing your beverage menus. Enjoy access to our customisable menu templates and upgrade your account whenever you are ready. You can already customise your menus with your logo and colours, print and share the final result online.

Menutech import service: use your own menu design

If you would like to use your own template on your Menutech account, please contact our support team. Our mission is to help you save the most amount of time when preparing your beverage lists.

Menutech design service: a fresh new look for your beverage menu

Enjoy the fastest online menu design service in just 4 steps. Let our competent team design multilingual menus that are compliant with the allergen labelling regulation (EU FIC 1169/2011). The finished menu will be yours to edit and print whenever you want.

Menutech allergen declaration service: quick and easy

Send your beverage list today and discover your allergen table in just 5 working days. Our team of nutritionists will declare the allergens contained in your dishes and beverages based on standard recipes. You can check and modify the allergens both during the project and after the service is completed.

menutech Design Service

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