Get a fresh new look for your menus

Would you like to have your menu labelled with allergens, professionally designed and translated in 4 languages?


Get the menutech professional menu design service now!


Let our competent team design beautiful and multilingual menus that are compliant with the latest allergen labelling legislation (EU FIC 1169/2011). The finished menu will be yours to edit and print whenever you want.

Our professional menu design service includes:

  • Reworking the information on your menu card
  • Translation in English, German, Italian, French
  • Professional print design, from classic menus to detailed graphic design
  • Menus are editable on your menutech account: add or re-order dishes, change prices and print your menus as many times as you need.

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The menu service process

  1. Translation and Allergen labelling: our competent team follows the latest allergen labelling regulation (EU FIC 1169/2011) and translates your menu using certified sources (e.g. cooking books for hotellery education).
  2. Professional design: we will ensure your menu is perfect for your establishement. Three design amendment rounds are included.
  3. Edit and print your menu anytime: your custom-designed menu is added to your menutech account.

Let's get started: send us an email


Getting started

  1. Sending us your current menu: you can send us a word document, a picture or digital copy via email, along with any further information (e.g. logo or images)
  2. Telling us your translation needs: tell us in how many languages you would like to have your menu translated.
  3. Kick-off call: a menutech expert will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the brief and check details. 

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