Design, Translation and Food Information Labelling:
All taken care of, for your menu.

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1-year Menutech subscription included. Edit, Download, Print and Share your menu anytime.

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Let our competent team design multilingual menus that are compliant with the allergen labelling regulation (EU FIC 1169/2011). The finished menu will be yours to edit and print whenever you want.

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1-year Menutech subscription included. Edit, Download, Print and Share your menu anytime. 

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The online menu design service by Menutech is faster and cheaper than a graphic designer. Send us your existing menu today and receive a free quote in your inbox within 24 hours.

Description of services offered:

move_to_inboxImport service: we import all the information contained in your existing food and beverage menu (prices, descriptions, special diet labels, etc).

format_paintMenu design service: our team of designers will create a new design for your menu. 3 feedback rounds are included.

Allergen labelling service: our team of nutritionists will add allergens to your menu based on standard recipes. You can check and modify the allergens both during the project and after the service is completed.

translateTranslation: All our translations are carefully prepared by our team of translators. The translations are therefore not "word-for-word" (e.g. "crème brûlée" and… burned cream!) but carefully handled by native speakers.

The online menu design service offers you unlimited modifications, downloads, printing and online sharing for a full year.