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Menutech plans for managing occasional menus

Our monthly subscriptions "Mini" and "Maxi" include ready-made templates that are ideal for restaurants and cafés. You can add, modify and delete elements of your menu and print it anytime.

You can try our monthly subscriptions 10 days for free.

Subscription Mini
incl. 10 days free trial
Subscription Maxi
incl. 10 days free trial

Menutech plans for writing menus everyday

With the "S", "M" and "L" subscriptions, base your payments on the amount of menus you need to write. Ideal for establishments who write one or more menus per day. The subscriptions also allow you to export of a menu into multiple styles.

You can try our monthly subscriptions 10 days for free.

Subscription S
Ideal for one service per day
Subscription M
Ideal for 2 services / day
Subscription L
Ideal for multiple outlets at the same location

Menutech plans for managing multiple locations and outlets

Enjoy upmost flexibility with our multi-site subscriptions and programmes dedicated for enterprises. Our subscriptions include a multi-user access, menu engineering and menu automation premium features. All subscription plans are ideally adapted for businesses managing multiple gastronomy outlets.

Multi-site subscription
Ideal for multi-site planning
Enterprise Programme
Upon request
Ideal for advanced applications