Food menus for restaurants

Menutech for restaurants

Write your menu once and get it automatically translated, allergen labelled and beautifully layouted. Come back anytime to make changes to your menu.

  • Update your dish and price information anytime
  • Automated translations for multiple languages
  • Allergen labelling follows the EU FIC 1169/2011
Update information anytime

Update your dish and price information anytime

You can easily make last-minute changes to your menus. Prices changes can be made anytime on your Menutech account.

Automated translations

Automated translations for multiple languages

Menutech allows you to automatically translate your menus in French, German, Italian or Spanish. Once a new translation is added to your database, the app will remember it and retrieve it next time you use the same dish.

Compliant with the EU FIC

Allergen labelling follows the EU FIC 1169/2011

It only takes a few clicks to create menus with allergen and additive labels. All your data is automatically saved - you will never have to type the same information twice.

Food menu design

Automised layouting and design

Create personalised menus from our 30+ pre-designed templates.

Menutech subscriptions

Manage your restaurant menus online

With our food menu service, you can design and create restaurant menus online and directly print them yourself. Need a multilingual food menu? No problem, your menu can be automatically translated. In addition, your menu is being marked with allergens and additives, so that your customers are always informed in accordance with EU FIC 1169/2011. On your Menutech account you can make changes to your food menu every day, should you ever use the same dish in your daily menu, it will pop up automatically with all its information.

Cheaper and faster than a graphic designer

No matter how your food menu is to look like, we certainly have the right design template for you. And should there still be open wishes, simply contact us, so that we can find a fitting solution for your restaurant.

1 template, 1 menu
incl. 10 days free trial
3 templates, 10 menus / month
incl. 10 days free trial

Write the 1st menu for your restaurant online:

Create your trial account (2 min)
Write your menu (5 min)
Check the automated allergen labelling and translation (2 min)
Download and print your menu (1 min)

Menutech's one-off payment solutions

This still takes too long for you? We're happy to take work off your shoulders

Against a one-time fee, we can import your personal menu design onto your Menutech account, or you can request or redesign service for your restaurant menu.

  • Our competent team translates your dishes and takes care of the declaration of allergens
  • You will have free access to a yearly subscription
  • Change, download and print your menus anytime you need on your Menutech account. 

Start using your new design today. Contact our team to quickly find out how much the customised menus cost, and how much time is needed for our team to implement them. Get in touch now!

Read more about one-off payment solutions >>

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Menutech for restaurants, cafés and bars
Menutech for restaurants, cafés and bars

This restaurant automates the creation of a brochure-folded menu in 3 different styles, every week.

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"The brochure automatically puts itself together, for both print and digital publishing. Last minute changes are synchronised across all my menus: I never have to write the same information twice!"