Automated meal planning for kindergartens and schools

Menutech for Kindergardens and Schools

Menutech is the ideal online menu maker to prepare healthy and diverse food menus. Our software is carefully crafted for schools and kindergartens. Let Menutech help you with powerful automation features:

  • Enjoy more than 30 customisable menu templates, including children-friendly designs.
  • Be 100% transparent with your food and ingredients: Allergen and special diet icons are clearly labelled on menus.
  • Automatically share the latest menu with students' families.
  • No installation required: the software is easy to use for canteen managers, teachers, kitchen and administration staff.
Allergens are automatically detected

As you type your menu, Menutech automatically detects any of the 14 mandatory allergens. Keeping your guests safe has never been easier!

Diverse and healthy menus

Analyse the diversity of your meal offering. Menutech alerts you if meals repeat themselves during the week and if free-from options are missing.

Customisable menu templates

Add your own design or choose from our 30+ templates. Customise colours, paper dimensions and graphics on the fly.

Menutech features

Automatically declare the allergens contained in your food

With Menutech, no need to manage recipes: allergens are automatically detected and added to your menu.

The fastest way to prepare food menus for your school or kindergarten

Automated creation of Weekly menus

  • Focus on content, not design: simply add dishes and beverages to your menu. Menutech lays out your menu for you in the chosen or uploaded design: it is instantly ready for print and online sharing.
  • Avoid repetitions: You are immediately alerted when the same dish was added to a previously written menu (e.g. "Lasagne was served 2 days ago”).
  • Search, copy and modify previously written menus: all your menus are stored for future reference.
  • Never type anything twice: All dishes (including their allergens and nutritional values) are saved for next use.

Automated Allergy-friendly and Free-from menus

  • As you type dishes onto your menu, allergens are automatically detected, without having to manage recipes.
  • Allergen icons can be displayed directly onto your menu or on a separate allergen table. The allergen table can be exported in just one click.
  • Special diet icons are easy to add (e.g. vegan, gluten-free, without pork, etc.). All dish and menu information is saved for next use.
  • Export a “free-from” version of your menu in just one click (e.g. hiding all meal options containing lactose).

Automated updates for Students' Families

  • Refresh weekly menus automatically without having to re-upload PDF files or re-enter URL links. (e.g. every Friday at 5PM, the menu of the next week is shown on the website and sent to parents).
  • Personalise menus based on students’ dietary preferences (e.g. Menu with highlighted gluten-free options sent only to families with a child suffering from a gluten allergy).

Menutech advanced features

Improve the quality of offering at your school or kindergarten thanks Menutech’s advanced automation features:

  • Export multiple menu designs for multiple displays: printed for the cantina, the main hall, digitally published on an intranet or website, sent as an email attachment or text, etc.
  • Centrally manage students' dietary preferences: the menus can be checked for missing options (e.g. “gluten-free option is missing on Thursday for 5 students).
  • Optimise recipes based on cost, profit margin and nutrition values, using Menutech’s state-of-the art optimisation algorithms.

Create your 1st menu online for your school or kindergarten:

Create a trial account (2min)
Write your menu (7min)
Check allergens and print your menu (3min)
Keep students and families satisfied (1sec)

Menutech solutions for schools and kindergartens

Menutech free trial: 10 menus in 10 days

Register today and start writing your menus. Enjoy access to our customisable menu templates and upgrade your account whenever you are ready. You can already customise your menus with your school's logo and colours and print the final result.

Menutech import service: use your own menu design

If you would like to use your own template on your Menutech account, please contact our support team. Our mission is to help you save the most amount of time when preparing your food and beverage menus.

Schedule a demo with a Menutech expert

Do you want to make sure Menutech is right for your school? Get in touch with our team to schedule a demonstration of Menutech. We will present you the automation features most suited for your school and discuss any specific integration needs your business may have.

Do you have more questions?

We would be glad to personally assist you. Please send a message to our support team using the contact form and we will get back to you shortly. We have also prepared a Frequently Asked Questions section to help you.

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