Halloween Menu Templates with Allergens and Translations

Halloween Menu templates Menutech


Create an eye-catching menu in minutes with our templates. Free to edit, print and share online on Menutech: we wish you and your guests a Happy Halloween!

  • Allergens are automatically detected (all 14 allergens included).
  • Add translations in French, Italian, German and/or Spanish.
  • Add dietary symbols (e.g. vegan)
  • Add nutritional information (e.g. calories)


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Orange bat halloween icon Menutech "Bats" template
Black cat halloween icon Menutech "Cats" template
Blue ghost halloween icon Menutech "Ghosts" template

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Need some inspiration? Check out examples below on how to use our Halloween menu design as Food menus, Daily Specials, Beverage menus and Weekly plans:

Ghost Halloween Menu example Menutech


Use the "Ghosts" template


Halloween Menu Bats


Use the "Bats" template


Halloween Menu Menutech Cat


Use the "Cats" template


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