Menus for nursing homes

Menutech for nursing homes

Create menus with allergen labels in just a few minutes. You will have more time to spend on what really matters: the well-being of your residents.

  • Show the entire weekly plan in one page
  • Add individual descriptions
  • Prepare your master menu using a professional design
Display master menu

Show entire weekly menu in one page

You can decide to display the whole weekly menu (e.g. on a screen or in printed paper format), or only show the dishes per day.

Add descriptions

Add individual descriptions

Add allergen icons to your menu, or symbols for patients with special needs (e.g. foods for diabetics or foods low in cholesterol).

Professionally designed master menus

Prepare your master menu with a professionally designed layout

Export the master menu in PDF to check it internally before export. This gives you an overview of the meal selection and meal information.

Scrivere online

Write your menus online in no time

All your dish information is saved and will be automatically added for next use.

Menutech subscriptions

On Menutech, you can write the perfect menus to take care of your guests

You can easily upload your weekly plan onto your Menutech account and add all important information, so that your guests can always be informed.

Write your menu online now!

All dishes you write are automatically saved in your private database. If you use a same dish again, you can add it in your menu with just one click. You will never have to enter the same information twice!

Our subscription plans offer you upmost flexibility for planning and managing your menus. Enjoy our professional pre-built templates and create the perfect menu for your nursing home. We will be glad to help.

1 template, 1 menu
incl. 10 days free trial
3 templates, 10 menus / month
incl. 10 days free trial

Write the 1st menu online for your nursing home:

Create your trial account (2min)
Write your menu (for the day or the week) (5min)
Check allergens and print your menu (2min)
Your residents are satisfied! (1sec)

Menutech's one-off payment solutions

Manage all your menus for your nursing home on Menutech

Manage your dish information and export your menus in different designs. Provide your guests with the information they need to make informed choices, such as information on allergens and other nutritional information for guests with various needs (e.g. diabetics).

Showcase the quality of your kitchen! Planning a Christmas dinner? Menutech offers pre-built templates for every occasion.

  • Write your weekly plan and export it in different menu designs for multiple locations - be it the elevator, the patient room or the restaurant
  • Our competent team helps you with your menu preparation processes.

We also take care of importing your existing menu design and of the declaration of allergens - the well-being of your guests is in first place.

Read more about one-off payment solutions >>

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