Make digital menus for your guests

Elevate guest experience with Menutech's digital menus, now enhanced with AI for seamless menu creation. There is no need for your guests to download any app or provide any login information: it is the fastest and most reliable solution to share your menu inside your establishment.

Elevate Guest Experience with Digital Menus

Enhance your guests' experience with Menutech's AI-enhanced digital menus, no app downloads or login required.

Create or Import a Menu
Create or Import a Menu
Customize Your Menu
Customize Your Menu
Translate Your Menu
Translate Your Menu
Ready for Digital Publishing
Ready for Digital Publishing
Print QR Codes for In-Establishment Scanning
Print QR Codes for In-Establishment Scanning
Contactless and Mobile Friendly Menus by Menutech
Contactless and Mobile Friendly Menus by Menutech
You have total control over your menus

All changes (such as price changes) made to your food and beverage menus are updated in real time. Thanks to live updates and 24/7 accessibility, you can keep the same QR code and save printing costs. 

Contactless and Mobile Friendly Menus by Menutech
Contactless and Mobile Friendly Menus by Menutech
Google shows your menu to more customers

Restaurant menus that work on your website and look great on any device. Keep your menu in sync and improve SEO on Google and more!

Contactless and Mobile Friendly Menus by Menutech
Let's make your digital menu.

Create a free trial account today.

All digital menus made on Menutech are:

Allergy friendly:
All 14 mandatory allergens

Special diet friendly:
Vegan, vegetarian, ...

English, French, Italian, Spanish, ...

All menus have a mobile-friendly format (sharelink or QR code)

Offer accessible font sizing:
100%, 150%, 200%

Offer real time updates:
Even for menus changing on a daily or weekly basis

How to make a digital menu? 

1. Create a Menutech account

2. Write your food and beverage menus. (0:01 in the video below) 

3. Go to the last step of the menu writing screen and click on the QR code link (0:05)

4. Print and cut your QR code (0:09)

5. Place it on your tables (0:15)

6. And let your guests scan your menu (0:19)


When preparing digital menus, you benefit from all the Menutech automation features: automated allergen detection, translation and design.
It is the fastest way to prepare mobile-friendly menus!


With Menutech, your menus go beyond paper:

No more printing costs

Let your guests scan your QR code, and that's it. When you go digital, your guests discover all your food and beverage items directly on their smartphone.

Go from print to digital in 1 click

All print-format menus made on Menutech can be shared online with a mobile-friendly format. This means you do not need to re-write your menu from scratch or re-style your menu's typeface, colours and margins. Menutech provides you with a ready-to-share link and ready-to-print QR code.

Guest-centric design and interaction

When guests access your menu on their smartphone, they choose: the language of the menu, the size of the text, filtering out the options that contain allergens they suffer from and their preferred diet options.

Enable order-taking

You can enable order-taking for your guests to take their orders and settle the bill directly on their smartphones. It's the fastest way for your Kitchen staff to be informed of your guests' orders.

Extra speed

Our digital menus are equiped with the latest mobile-friendly technology. Your guests will quickly access your menus on their own smartphone at any time of day or night.

GDPR friendly solution

Our digital menus are cookie-free. That means, we do not store any private information on your guests when they read your menus.

A study by Menutech of 10,000 menus written in 15 countries on the preparation time on food and beverage menus:

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu with Menutech 

Average time to prepare a bilingual and allergy-friendly menu before Menutech 


5 minutes

instead of 45 minutes



15 minutes

instead of 1 hour



30 minutes

instead of 1 hour



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



45 minutes

instead of 2 hours



1 hour

instead of 3 hours

Here's what you can do with the Menutech software:
Ready for advanced modules? Connect Food & Beverage information to your menus:
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