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Menu planning solutions for multi-site businesses

The Menutech Enterprise programme is the fastest way to integrate external information to your Menutech account. It gives you a whole new way to securely connect your menu planning, order-taking, inventory, procurement and display systems.

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Menutech Enterprise Programme


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Schedule an online demonstration with our experts. Free and without obligations. 

Automise the preparation of your menus

We accompany you in the digital strategy of your business towards the automation of your menu preparation processes. Gain leaps of productivity with Menutech: configure meal allocation rules, digitise your menu cycle planning, prepare digital menus, manage the technical information of your dishes... and much more!

Integration with third-party systems

Your data can be easily and safely synchronised with your existing systems thanks to Menutech's API. Menutech will map your data so that a fluid interaction to your existing IT systems is guaranteed.

Development of personalised extensions

Our programming team will help you with the design, planning and implementations of improvements specifically thought for your enterprise. This collaboration model saves you time and money in your operations and to minimise the risks linked to the implementation of new IT projects in your F&B department.