Declare the origin of meat, fish and milk products

Menutech Declaration of origin

Automise the declaration of origins of the meat, fish and milk products contained in your meals. Write you menu as usual, and add the country of origin labels as you type. All the information will be saved for their next use. You will never have to repeat the declaration of the origin for a same dish!

All origin declarations supported by Menutech:

Country codes


Added directly on the menu

Added directly on the allergen table

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Menutech technology

Store and retrieve origin data from your personal database of dishes and beverages

Origin data is saved for dishes and beverages and are stored in your personal database and automatically retrieved on the next use, meaning you never have to enter the same information twice. You menu consistently keeps all your guests informed and is always legally compliant.

Write your first menu online:

Write your menu (5 min)
Add the country of origin for your dishes (5 min)
The information is saved for next use (1 sec)
Download and print your menu (1 min)
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Menutech service

Let the Menutech team prepare your menu with all declarations of origins included

Send us your meal selection and country of origins and we will get back to you with a detailed offer and time estimate to design your menu. Once signed-off, the menu is added onto your Menutech account and will always be ready for you to edit and print.

  • Our team of menu designers will create your menu following your brand's style.
  • Our menu service includes unlimited download and print.
  • If your kitchen changes, you can independently change any information we imported for you, anytime.

Need something more? Contact our team for email or phone support.

menutech Design Service

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